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Babylon translation software is a single-click translation and dictionary program that will radically reduce your time spent on any translation. By a single-click you will immediately get translated words, sentences or even full text into 75 languages. Now you can get easily the Babylon software for FREE as a trial to test it yourself. Already over 52 million users have been gaining the benefits from this software.

You get stuck with translating (for example some subtitles), you are searching for online help, you are desperate. OpenSubtitles team is now presenting to you something new – it is Free to try version of popular translating software – Babylon.

Babylon is an online translation tool which offers outstanding features. One of the most favorite Babylon’s feature is that text is being analyzed for a text and context translation. For example a word ‘Hot Dog’ would be translated by Babylon as word by word but also as context, translating the word Hot will also refer to Dog. You will get a translation for both Hot, and Hot Dog.

Babylon is an online application available in 75 languages, the dictionaries are always up to date. Babylon includes 1400 built-in dictionaries and glossaries, wikipedia in 20 different languages and 28 supported text translation languages. The program also uses a text-to-speach agent to let users hear the proper pronunciation of words. Read review of Babylon on wikipedia.

It is so easy to use, whether you translate any type of text, content or subtitles. It can translate words, short texts and even full text at a single click. Translation is carried out by placing the cursor over a word, and hitting an activation combination. When you click on a word, its surrounding text is captured as well, and automatically loaded into the Text Translation service which acts as a built in dictionary. Most of the time Babylon recognizes the source language but you will have to select the target language that you want to translate (Babylon will remember the last selection).

Now you have a perfect opportunity to test Babylon software yourself and for free. It will cost you nothing, you can just play with it, test it and find out if this tool makes your translating easier. You can start download here and make your own choice after having the trail experience with the Babylon tool.

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