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Hello movie fanatics,

I should’ve started writing a blog about OpenSubtitles.org a long time ago, but normally, I didn’t have time for that. I think creating a blog is a nice idea, we’ll see how often I will write. I hope that other users will write some articles, too – if you are interested, just let me know.

In this blog you should find:

  • what’s new on the OpenSubtitles.org site
  • some lines about programs using OpenSubtitles.org
  • nice stories about helping OpenSubtitles to public
  • and you decide what you like to read

As you can see, my English is not the best, but I am triyng to do my best. I have a lot of work with OpenSubtitles.org and with other projects too, but I hope you will find some nice articles here.

32 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog

  • lefteris

    I am a greek and i feel a great offend by opensubtitles.org. The site feels that the country that border with greece should be named > (at least with that name characterized their language ). I do not feel that the owners of the page should know greek history or they should have a master in history from a university. ThE name issue with Greece and Skopia will be solved by United Nation which has been named this country F.Y.R.O.M for the time being.

    I should give u my best wishes for the 2008 and you should continue the great job.


  • os

    I am sorry, but I dont get it – please write clearly what you want change, because I dont think Greek should be named “>”

  • Nikos

    I am greek too. I will explain what the issue is. There is no country “Macedonia” and no language “Macedonian” Macedonia is a part of Greece. They just took the name, to steal the glory of Alexander The Great (who was born in Macedonia-Greece). The correct name is F.Y.R.O.M. (Foreign Y..something.. Of Macedonia), Or Skopia, this is the official name regognized by the official goverments.

    In a few words, what he is trying to say is – Please Rename Macedonian to F.Y.R.O.M.

  • os

    I can solve it, but again – why I should ? I read standards and use them. Also, you didn’t answer to my last question: it is common to ask: Do you speak F.Y.R.O.M. ? I think FYROM is name of _country_ (if it is), not a _language_, I am right ?

  • Michael

    Hi I am new to your website and Im not sure how to start new blog topics. I have a question can i hire dvds from my movie shop that do not contain subtitles and download the subtitiles from your website? does the hired dvd have to be copied to my computer first before i can utilise the downloaded subtitile?


  • os

    just go tou our forum, and ask questions there. First register on opensubtitles.org and thenn log in, and then click forum link.

  • faye

    i was able to watched the movie with subtitle. thanks for the guide you posted. now, i want to know how i can burn a copy of movie with the subtitle?

  • albion

    I have problem with greek subt. Insteed of showing greek letters. it shows strange letters. any help? I have no problems with english subs.

  • mike73

    Hi,when I burn a divx movie to DVD it plays on the screen in a tiny little thin line like a ruler.I`ve tried publishing it to my pc first which sorts out the picture problem but than plays at an incorrect frame rate causing a slight judder throughout the movie.Pls help!

  • ebergi

    I do not now where ti publish this but I was looking for subtitules for the Documentary in the 3rd season of The west Wing. I find the title here in Open subtitules but none of the subtitules included belongs to this film but for completely oher films, Stand By Me, Philadelphia, etc. , Sorry I could’nt find them. But it is even worse that when you download and open, there is a fake…..inOpen subtitules it is unbeliveble.

  • os

    ebergi, thanks for comment. Yes, mlapacek subtitles are wrong, thats why I programmed function – you can report bad subtitles (just press correct subtitles). I corrected them.

    For your question – I can not find on opensubtitles subs for this documentary, I am sure they will be on some other sites, so if you want support our site, just upload them back to make other users happy.

  • nthing

    whenever i try to open opensubtitles.org it shows page cant display after processing for few seconds. page is half processed and then page cant be displayed error.

    can any1 tell abt the exact problem?????????

  • Elizabeth

    Adoro vocês, mas não consigo usar o Scrubbu para baixar as legendas que preciso, vcs poderiam me ensinar como fazer isto?
    Obrigada e continuem a colocar legendas novas sempre, porque vocês são maravilhosos e não vivo sem vocês.

  • megaboulzor

    too bad there is so many wrong subtitles on opensubtitles, terrible for the reputation

    Several persons ask to the admin to delete them SINCE YEARS, but nothing to do
    Nobody will never report them all, they are too many

    When will you delete them to make your site a better site ?

  • os Post author

    megaboulzor: not ALL french subtitles by mlapacek are wrong, you wanna bet? There are some hunderds, which are already corrected, instead of writing comments, you can correct at least 3 of them 🙂 I hope, all together we can make it, just if everybody if reports 1 of “bad” mlapacek subs, we already have good ones.
    On other side, I understand your request.

  • megaboulzor

    i have already reported too much of them, enough time wasted

    sorry if i am a little pissed, but hey, we must be exacting to keep this website as the best subtitles website of all the internets 😉

    i know there was a problem of script with malpacek, all these wrong ST were of course not deliberate
    but when it happened at that time, why the wrong ST weren’t erased, for restarting from scratch ?

  • Georgina Báez Sommer

    Kindly anyone can advise where can I take a Subtitling Workshop?

    It does not matter if it is in USA, Mexico or Europe.

    I am interested in working in subtitling movies from English into Spanish.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Vanlerbergeh

    Ik heb alles gedaan met de film hauntid echoes.Bij het downloaden film staat er maar 1 stukje op van 1 min,verder zijn het allemaal geopende rar bestanden.De ondertiteling heb ik ook idem veranderd naar zelfde naam+srt…..en 1 minuutje film en geen ondertitels.Ik begrijp het niet meer.Kunt u uitleggen hoe dat komt. Sorry ik spreek geen engels maar ik gebruik de vertaler van google.

    Dank Britt

  • KSB

    Please tell me whether subtitles are available for the cartoon dragon booster?. Plz help me. It will help me allot……

    Thanks in advance. Waiting for your concern and help.

    Thanks once again

  • gmchip

    Hi , I try to find subtitle for the movie “The Thing” (2011) in greek but I find for the old version of the movie (1982) .Could somebady help me to find it or to send the to me ???

  • EqPierre

    Hi, just uploaded my first subtitle… got it from DVD-sub+idx and converted it with (Fantastic program to sync too, btw). I wonder how I can upload a thumbnail for the movie… any hints? Love OPENSUBTITLES. Your the best!

  • johhnyBgoode

    Hi, great site and player, but Please help. I teach English in China and I’m trying to download and place onto movies English subtitles…….for eg today we tried to watch”You got Mail”, but no bloody joy. All i could get from the player were other languages no English. When i downloaded from your site an English file( not directly from the player) i found several files, but when I tried to input into your player I get told that the format is wrong, even after changing it to a srt file. So, I give up. Please help.
    Kindest regards
    JBG somewhere in the PRC

  • Alex

    Hi, Does anyone know how to insert the subs when playing a 3D SBS in VLC-player,
    Renaming the srt will only show the subs unreadable because they are split up, and double on the screen.
    How to do this?

  • izzak

    hi,i am new to this site…just want to know ,is there a way to get the reminder for new release sub available..!!!(email notification)..


  • jim

    All of a sudden my PC through Firefox cannot download subs from Opensubtitles as if something is blocking access. It happens after I have found the sub and I click the DOWNLOAD button…
    I can download subs from other sites with no problems at all.
    Any ideas anyone?

  • Jake R

    Hi There,

    When I watch a show with Japanese subtitles, it sometimes gives me very weird characters.

    For example: Z,,’B,I–aA,3/4,>>,e,l.k

    Instead it should be Japanese characters…is there something wrong with how I have it setup in the font section (wrong font maybe?)?

    Let me know if you’ve dealt with this, and how to fix a font issue.

    It only occurs with some files, while many have japanese that work fine.

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