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Don’t be scared, when you will see in URL – we are testing something, don’t update bookmarks, is still correct URL. If you will find some errors caused by this change, let us know.

Thank you.

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  • tonay

    I do ! I though I had a problem but I am glad to see that I am not alone ! Do you block any IP/ISP to access to your site ??? I cannot see any page at all ! I do not have a fix IP but one never knows…. Also using a VPN connection from work, then all is just fine. I am located in Germany if this helps.

    Thanks for any help !

  • danger

    it was probably some kind of routing problem at germany, either on your side, or on our. The important thing is that it works now for you 🙂

  • os Post author

    Jim write:
    Hi, I found it to much of a hassle to reg on the forum just to post this suggestion.
    Anyhow, it would be nice if the links for download searches on Mininova and Isohunt (on detailpage) would contain releasename if that is submitted.

    Ex: Instead of link to you could set the link (if a releasename is given by uploader of subtitle) to, for example:

  • os Post author

    This is nice idea. Problem is, in Release name are sometimes really funny things like “Movies”, “testing” and so on, because subdownloader takes this from directory name. So, I can do that, but I think it is not good idea.

  • Jim

    Yes, that is a problem. Maby, a second link like this:
    Download movie torrent file from, DL REL |
    So DL REL would point to a search with releasename.

    Also, when I try to search, on the website, when subdownloader dont find any subs:
    If I search for a specific releasename, example:

    I get alot of strange results. Maby you could add a checkbox in advanced search, that is “search releasenames”?

  • os Post author

    With torrents – it is possible, but I don’t think it is good. We need hashes 2 hashes database, or something like that. You get better results with moviename only searching (not always, but in most cases).

    For release name mess, try to search “eastern.promises.r5.line.xvid” and you get better results. It is caused by release group name. I have to use fulltext (ANY) searching, because nothing will be found.

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