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11. January 2016, Programs 10 Replies
Open Subtitles FlixTools - Download Subtitles

Okay, this time it’s about our own software for Mac OS X – the Open Subtitles FlixTools. FlixTools provides an easy way to download the subtitles for the movies that you want to watch, in just few seconds. You can download the software here.

The app facilitates Multi Download and Multi Upload, whereby you can download/upload the subtitles for the movies at the same time instead of doing it one by one. Multi Upload is exactly what you was looking for – select folder, select upload, confirm all data, and subtitles are uploaded – it is so far the first software which support this feature, it is great for uploading TV Series subtitles.

You can just drag and drop the video files, or search for subtitles using movie names or IMDB IDs.

You can even set FlixTools to watch a particular folder, and if any new movie file is added to it, Open Subtitles FlixTools will automatically download the subtitles for that particular movie.

It helps you to adjust the timing of subtitles according to the videos using the Subtitle Synchronization.

FlixTools can hardcodes/burns subtitles on to movie files. You can also convert the video files from common video formats to MP4 or MKV files. The subtitle files can be converted from ASS/SSA to SRT format.

It also gives you free Open Subtitles VIP membership which in turn gives you a lot of additional features.

Open Subtitles FlixTools‘ two versions:

  • Open Subtitles FlixTools Lite
  • Open Subtitles FlixTools Pro

The Lite version is totally free and gives you the Multi Download/Upload, Automatic Subtitle Download, and Powerful Subtitle Search by Movie Hash functions.

The PRO version gives access to special support forums and Beta releases. It covers all the features mentioned above.

Following are some of the screenshots of the software.

Open Subtitles FlixTools - Drag and Drop file

Open Subtitles FlixTools – Drag and Drop file

Open Subtitles FlixTools - Download Subtitles

Open Subtitles FlixTools – Download Subtitles

We are working on providing the interface in many languages, so don’t forget to check it out. Note: some of the features are in to-do list and will be implemented in near future.

Open Subtitles FlixTools is one of the many programs that uses OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy the free subtitles service of opensubtitles and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

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